Who Uses Bemer Therapy

Who Is Using Bemer?

Who is Using Bemer products? BEMER International AG has been producing microcirculation products since 1998 and continue to develop new devices and patented treatment methods for physical vascular therapy.

Their current markets include:

  • 31 European Countries
  • South Africa
  • Asia & The Pacific – 9 countries
  • The Americas: United States, Canada & Brazil.

Bemer and NASA.

Bemer has signed a cooperation agreement with NASA. Scientists are still studying the long-term exposure effects on humans and animals during space travel. When astronauts leave the Earth’s atmosphere, they no longer have protection from the Earth’s magnetic field. The affects of cosmic radiation have been wide ranging. For example, mice who spent 2 weeks in space have show liver damage, muscle loss and more. Astronaut Scott Kelly spent 340 days in space. He has experienced loss of bone and muscle, vision impairment, and grew a few centimeters.

Investigating the use of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is now important as NASA looks to extend space travel in the years to come.

So Who Uses Bemer?

Throughout the world, Bemer products are used for a variety of therapeutic treatments:

  • Sports: Relief from injuries, faster healing times and improved performance.
  • Health Strategies: Supporting treatment therapies for arthritis, herniated discs, back pain, diabetes, fatigue, arterial disease, nerve damage, sprains, torn ligaments, bone fractures, insomnia, wound healing and more.
  • Mental Fitness: Retain mental agility as you age.

From everyday citizens to sports figures, celebrities, hospitals, doctors and others, Bemer devices are being used to help with a variety of health challenges. bemer testimonials

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