My Battle With An Early Receding Hairline And How To Grow Hair Back (Hint: Start Early)

My Battle With An Early Receding Hairline And How To Grow Hair Back (Hint: Start Early)

In today’s age of looking good because everything is captured on film or video, being a 20 something year old with an early receding hairline was far less than fun.  My entire life, I’d always had a full and thick head of hair, that drastically changed by the time I turned 20. A few days after my birthday, I began noticing my hairline was receding; it wasn’t as drastic as that of my older friends, but it was definitely something that bothered me and I was looking for a way to get my hair back before the problem escalated and I needed to start looking for hairpieces instead. 

My Customized Male Hair Loss Prevention Plan And How It Worked

As a marketing account executive, I came across Anderia and her hair loss treatment center – Capilia Orlando, while trying to land them as a client. At our very first meeting, Anderia noticed my receding hairline and she immediately began offering tips and tricks to help restore my receding hairline. She suggested a combination of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) with their iGrow Hair Laser, Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner, in addition to working on how I handled my stress. I followed her plan for my type of male hair loss prevention and stuck with it.

Within a few weeks of using the Nioxin in conjunction with the iGrow laser, I kid you not my early receding hairline was looking better than it had done in years. Before I started this hair growth plan, I watched my hairline recede and retreat; I became a bit obsessed with it, and was able to notice almost every single hair that was grown or lost, but it became too much for me to even count! With the hair growth plan Anderia put in place for me, my hair loss issue not only stopped, hair regrowth was underway. Anderia always states that early hair loss prevention works and she’s right. I am so glad I found Capilia Orlando and was able to tackle this problem head on. I’ve learned since that the longer you wait to deal with the hair loss, it does take longer to grow back hair.

When It Comes To Hair Loss, Timing Is Everything

Hair loss and hair growth differs from person to person, and the timing of when you start is one of the most important things I’ve learned through Anderia. Since then, my hair has been full, and close to better than ever!

On a separate note, there are many options today for dealing with hair loss, but what is clear to me is that the best thing I did was not wait. FUE transplants are PRP are some of the most current and also most expensive hair regrowth options out there and they don’t always work. For me the investment in a hair laser, the correct shampoo and little of my time in the long run save me a ton of money and more stress. I was lucky to find Capilia but it was up to me to follow the plan and stick to it. That’s how I won the battle with my receding hairline and you can too.