Foods For Hair Growth

Best Foods For Hair Growth

It’s 2019 and everywhere you turn, whether it be the television or social media, we’re constantly hearing differing reports about the foods we eat and their positive and negative effects on the human body. Though some reports may vary depending on the source you may be looking through, one thing that remains constant is the correlation between your diet and hair loss (volume). Though the majority of hair loss cases stem from genetic hair loss, simply meaning a family history of hair loss, there are other causes that can lead to losing those lovely locks of hair, whether it be the stress of your diet as previously mentioned. Today, we’re going to take a look at foods for hair growth and how deficiencies in certain foods can do just the opposite Luckily for our clients and potential clients, this blog will keep everyone well informed, and please always feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

foods for hair growth

As we all know, the food that we intake provides our bodies with the necessary fuel that it needs to perform every day. In addition to being the energy, the food we eat also has an effect on how well we perform, and even what we look like. Hair follicles are some of the most active in our bodies when it comes to metabolism, and the growth of hair can be directly impacted by calories and protein. Malnutrition or deficiencies in these needed vitamins, supplements, etc. can lead to hair loss and even problems with the hair structure itself. With this being true, we always stress to help clients understand the connection between diet and hair loss.

iron deficiency hair lossIron Deficiency Hair Loss

Deficiencies in different parts of your diet can impact your hair in different ways whether that be through the actual hair growth or even the structure of the hair itself. Sudden weight loss or shortages in protein can lead to acute telogen effluvium which is the process of hair follicle growth and the development of new hairs. Iron deficiency or ID is one of, if not the most common nutritional deficiency, and has a direct link to hair loss. During their research into the link between iron deficiency and hair loss, researchers discovered that multiple genes in the human hair follicle were actually regulated by iron. Whilst experimenting with rodents, they discovered that a reversal in the iron deficiency actually led to hair growth! Vegans and vegetarians are at higher risk for ID and to avoid potential damaging of hair or hair loss, they should look into different means of getting the proper amounts of iron.

Protein & Biotin for Healthy Hair

protein for hair growthNow that we’ve covered some negative effects of diet on hair loss, we can take a look at a few foods good for hair growth or simply healthy hair! Eggs are at the top of our list when it comes to food that helps hair growth due to their large amounts of protein and biotin, two of the major nutrients when it comes to hair growth. With hair follicles being predominately made up of protein, having a good source of it keeps those follicles strong and ready to produce more hair! In addition to eggs, spinach, berries, and anything high in protein, biotin, vitamins C&D, all promote healthy hair and hair growth!

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