Hair Loss Correction

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100% Natural Looking Hair Systems
Get Instant Hair Loss Correction Today!

Our hair loss correction process provides our clients with instant hair loss solutions utilizing affordable natural hair systems that will allow you to feel confident with your new look. We can help you instantly address thinning hair while preserving the hair you do have. Our non-surgical hair replacement systems are the most advanced available on the market today. Capilia clients no longer worry about ill-fitting toupees or hair pieces that easily become loose or displaced. Our hair replacement systems look completely natural and will give you back the confident you deserve.

Why Are Our Hair Replacement Systems Better?

  • Ultra-Thin Membrane: Our hair systems are made of an ultra-thin membrane that is imperceptible once it is place on your skin.
  • 100% Natural Looking: Medical grade adhesive allows our hair replacement systems to look 100% natural – the membrane is invisible to everyone.
  • Complete Integration With Your Existing Hair: These hair replacement systems are made solely from human hair. Hair is attached to the membrane in a way that mirrors the same hair growth patterns as natural hair. They look and feel natural and are designed to match your existing hair.
    • Your hair piece or hair system can be styled in today’s most popular styles.
  • Easy Hair System Maintenance: The membrane stays in place for 3 to 4  weeks (depending on hair growth) once it is attached to your scalp. Minimal maintenance is required during this timeframe. You can go about your daily activities with no concerns.
    • Once the 3 to 4 week period is over, you will come back to Capilia Orlando to re-bond the membrane to your scalp. We’ll also cut your hair to ensure that natural look remains.
    • Based on the maintenance plan you have selected, your hair systems will be replaced anywhere from 4 to 8 times a year.

Are You Ready For A Change?

Our staff are ready to help you design a natural looking hair system that you can be active in without concern. Swim, run or participate in any activity without concern; you’ll always look your best! Contact us today for a free hair loss consultation. We are available to review hair replacement options based on your specific type of hair loss.

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