Hair Loss Prevention for Men

Hair Loss Prevention for Men

Male Pattern Baldness

male hair loss preventionMale Pattern Baldness, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is the most common reason that men experience hair loss. The gene responsible for male pattern baldness can be trace to either parent’s side of the family. This condition can be further aggravated by a condition called Seborrheic Hypersecretion, or overactive sebaceous glands on the scalp. Excessive oil from glands will clog hair follicles rendering them ineffective overtime.

Capilia Orlando has a comprehensive hair loss preventive for men program designed specifically to address male pattern baldness. If you are beginning to notice hair loss, we offer a free consultation to determine the best option for you. We’ll perform an in-depth hair analysis and put together a treatment plan to stabilize hair loss and generate new hair growth. Our preventive hair loss treatment program includes in salon treatments, a home care treatment program and laser hair therapy.

The sooner you start to address male hair loss prevention, the better your results will be. Don’t wait to start a treatment program; if your hair is thinning, we can help you grow your hair back.

Capilia Scalp Health Products

capilia-shampoosCapilia Scalp Health products are formulated to address specific hair loss issues. Our Masculine Complex Shampoo and Masculine Complex Lotion are designed to specifically treat men who are suffering from male pattern baldness and are made from all natural ingredients. Key ingredients include Kigelia Africana, Sage, Cinnamon and Gingko Biloba. Each of these ingredients have properties that tone the scalp and prevent further hair loss. Kegelia African is a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) inhibitor and hair growth stimulant. The rest of the ingredients provide a variety of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

iGrow® Laser for Menlaser hair therapy for men

The iGrow Laser is an FDA approved medical device that can safely be used in the comfort and privacy of your home to promote hair growth in men who are diagnosed with male pattern baldness. The device uses LLLT (low level laser technology) and is effective in men who are just beginning to lose their hair or who have moderate hair loss. When used 2 -3 times weekly, the iGrow helmet’s laser energy stimulates hair growth. There are no side effects associated with the iGrow laser; such is not the case with prescriptions pills or topical lotions. In order for LLLT to be effective you must continue using the iGrow on a regular basis.

Contact us today for more information on our hair loss preventive treatment program for men. It’s never too soon or too late to do something about your hair loss.