Hair Salon or Hair Loss Center

Hair Salon or Hair Loss Center?

Just as someone who is suffering from a broken bone would go to see a doctor, those dealing with hair loss should seek out specialized treatment from a hair loss center.  While hair salons can be great places for refreshing your style or finding a new favorite haircut, hairdressers typically are unaccustomed to dealing with those of us who are looking for more in-depth solutions to hair loss – including options for reversing its effects through the correct course of treatment.

busy hair salonHair loss centers have an array of benefits that I have been found to be far better suited to those with alopecia-related needs, whether you are a man or woman.  For instance, they specialize in the field of hair and scalp analysis.  Focusing on the various types of hair losses that one can suffer from, hair loss specialists are professionals who have received specific training in hair replacement treatments as well as the causes for such hair loss.  Provided with the latest cutting-edge technology, hair loss specialists (and the hair loss centers that they work in) are uniquely equipped to provide individualized treatment plans that focus on a solution to the problem rather than a temporary fix.

standard private roomAdditionally, the privacy associated with hair loss centers is unparalleled in the comparison to hair salons. While many hair salons have started implementing private rooms for individual appointments, nothing can make someone feel less “normal” than being escorted through a salon full of customers with full, healthy heads of hair, only to then be visibly isolated in a private room. Is everyone staring at you? Probably this is NOT the case, but some may notice. Do you really need to feel any more uncomfortable with your alopecia while visiting a regular hair salon? In comparison, hair loss centers are there for the sole purpose of serving individuals like you who simply want to find the best possible solution for coping with hair loss.  Or worse yet do you want to run into someone you know who has an inquiring mind? Plus, hair salons are rarely equipped to offer services such as laser hair therapy programs which have really changed the way that hair loss is handled today in hair loss centers.

Living with alopecia is not always an easy road, but with the right help from the right type of facility, you will find a way to cope with the stress that it causes.  Finding a hair loss center to fit your needs is the first step in feeling more comfortable and dealing with the situation. Capilia Orlando can help you, regardless of what type of hair loss you are dealing with. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.