Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants Orlando

Are you a good candidate for a hair transplant? Transplants are a permanent solution for men and women alike. For a transplant to be successful, a potential candidate must have a good donor area. The Capilia network features prestigious hair transplant surgeons in North America. They are leading experts in the field of hair restoration.

Transplant doctors within the Capilia network utilize the F.U.T. (follicular unit transplant) technique – the industry gold standard for hair transplants. Hair actually grows in a follicular unit, not a single strand, and are held together by collagen fibers. With the F.U.T. technique, micro grafts are taken from an existing group of follicular units and with very tiny needles, implanted in a new area. Because the needles are so small, with the skill of an exceptional surgeon, these grafts can be planted in a way that the transplant surgery is

Why Choose Capilia for your Transplant Procedure? We offer a unique, caring and comforting approach to our hair transplant patients. It starts with the initial consultation and continues through the first hair cut after you have had your transplant procedure. We then utilize our specialized home care products in combination with our in salon treatment program to ensure hair regrowth and the maintenance of a healthy scalp.

Can Hair Transplants be performed on both men and women? Men suffering from male pattern baldness are good candidates for hair transplants. Women suffering from hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia (female pattern hair loss), aging, health issues and menopausal hormone changes can benefit from hair transplants as well.  A Capilia consultant can help you determine the best course of action for your specific hair loss situation.

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*Capilia is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (IHRS).