Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement for Men

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement for Men

If you have advance Male Pattern Baldness or hair loss due to other issues, a non-surgical hair replacement solution may be right choice for you. Today’s hair replacement prosthesis are far more advanced than the toupees and wigs of years gone by. Capilia Orlando uses the most advanced and natural looking hair systems and hair pieces available on the market today. Our hair replacement systems are custom fitted to match your current style, hair growth patterns and hair color.

hair replacement for menKey Features of Our Hair Loss Replacement Systems

  • Hair Loss Replacement Systems are made from 100% real human hair.
  • Hair Systems are custom fit to your scalp.
  • Highest quality medical grade adhesive means you can lead an active life style of swimming, working out, etc. and our hair pieces and hair systems stay in place always looking natural.
  • Because of the technology used in the materials that compose the membrane along with the adhesive used, you won’t be able to tell that you are wearing a hair system.
  • Looks and feels completely natural.

Hair Replacement for Men

You don’t have to live with hair loss anymore, we have many options for natural looking men’s hair replacement. We offer free consultations, including a hair and scalp analysis. Contact us today and stop living with unwanted hair loss. Non-surgical hair loss replacement may be the answer you are looking for so you can look and feel better.