Buyer Beware – Not All Hair Grow Lasers Are Created Equal

Buyer Beware – Not All Hair Grow Lasers Are Created Equal

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When searching for hair loss remedies on the internet, ads abound everywhere for the latest and greatest hair grow lasers, also known as LLLT devices. At Capilia Orlando, we recommend the iGrow laser for a variety of reasons which you can read about in our previous blog, Why We Recommend the iGrow Laser. Of course, the reality is that there are many laser devices to choose from; however, please do your research when considering your options. Unfortunately, there are subpar products on the being sold and aggressively marketed. Consumers investing in an LLLT device need to be concerned about safety, quality and reliability when making a final selection on a new hair grow laser.

Laser Cap Knock Off

It has come to our attention that there is a product in particular that is being marketed with a similar name to another leading “cap” product. This bait and switch laser device is being made in China and has had frequent consumer complaints regarding broken components. The FDA also originally refused to clear this particular distributor’s device due to these and numerous other issues. (The FDA regulates laser hair grow devices because they emit radiation which can potentially be hazardous to consumers). They have sold quite a few of these devices using a play on the legitimate company’s product name in online advertising and by also using slightly different URL domain names similar to the original manufacturer. The price tag for this device: $2999.95. Yes this device was being sold to the public with a host of FDA compliance issues at an astronomical cost to consumers who are desperate for a hair loss solution.

Well, this company has now received FDA approval and is being marketed by well-known hair transplant doctors and dermatologists, both locally and nationally, who have clearly not done their homework. Of course, that $3000 product means a nice profit for them too.

The main selling point for this $2995 cap is that it has well over 200 embedded lasers. Again we recommend and sell the iGrow laser helmet for $699.95. Our client feedback has been extremely positive. Coverage is excellent and the product works. It has 51 LED’s and laser diodes and is effective. So at less than 25% of the cost, the iGrow delivers results with clinical trials to prove this. Are those additional lights really doing anything extra? For a 75% increase in expense, do you really want to chance purchasing a device that has had so many issues? A device imported from China, where safety standards are not up to U.S. levels.

At Capilia Orlando, we are committed to putting our clients first. We are not looking to take financial advantage of people we are trying to help. Hair restoration does not need to cost a small fortune with so many options available on the market, especially solutions that have a great track record and the clinical trial data that supports its effectiveness. Whatever you decide in the end, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Are you considering a hair growth laser? Contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 407.644.6952.