Seasonal Hair Loss

Seasonal Hair Loss

When it comes to hair shedding, or seasonal hair loss, regardless if you’re male or female, you are losing about one hundred strands of hair on a daily basis. Don’t worry, this is normal and isn’t anything that you need to consult a professional for. When it comes to hair shedding as we previously mentioned, finding hair in your brush or drains is normal but the amount is where you need to be paying attention. As far as the cause for the hair loss or shedding, there can be a number of different reasons, stress, diet, genetics and even the change of season can have an impact on the amount of hair that you might be losing. What was thought to be an old wives’ tale, has actually been proven through ample research from the hair loss community, and they can confirm that seasonal hair loss is an actual ‘thing’ and more hair is shed during the summer, with July having the largest recorded amounts of hair loss..

seasonal hair lossTelogen – It’s Why We Lose Hair During The Summer

Like most parts of our body, our hair has a ‘cycle’ that it goes through, with some points of the year being better for hair growth than others, and other times that actually lead to more hair falling out. So why does hair fall out more during the Summer months? The answer can be answered in one word, telogen. Telogen is a resting phase for the hair growth cycle and the hair follicle itself. During the warmer months when hair is subjected to harsher temperatures, the telogen process can become accelerated which leads to the shrinkage of the hair follicle and the falling out of your hair! As earlier stated we lose every day, but it is important to pay attention to how much hair is being shed to avoid ample hair loss.

hair sheddingWhat To Do About Seasonal Hair Shedding

We wish that there was a special remedy of specific steps that we could take to avoid seasonal hair loss but unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to combat the impact that nature has on our hair other than being informed and prepared. While seasonal shedding cannot be avoided, Capilia does have a shampoo that is designed rid the scalp of the side effects of seasonal shedding.  It will get rid of any residue left behind that can block new hair growth when the shedding phase is over. The shampoo should be used for about 2 months – if you notice hair loss that continues for over three months, a visit to a hair loss prevention specialist is in order. To learn more about our products or to get a free hair loss consultation, sign up online. We are here to help with your hair loss concerns.