Hair Loss Solutions Orlando

hair restoration orlandoHair Loss Solutions Orlando

Capilia Orlando is committed to helping our clients retain and restore their hair no matter what the degree of hair loss they are experiencing. Thinning hair or complete hair loss can be caused by a variety of different factors. Early prevention is always recommended, but regardless of your specific situation, we can help.

At Capilia Orlando we have worked with thousands of hair loss patients over the years and believe in providing the most advanced treatment solutions to our clients.  As an official Capilia facility,  we have access to top of the line technology, hair care products, prosthesis and hair transplant doctors in the industry.

Our comprehensive hair restoration services include:

Personalized Hair Restoration Treatment and Strategy

hair loss analysisAll of our clients undergo an initial consultation that involves a thorough hair and scalp analysis. Using an advanced microcamera with specially designed software, we are able to see down to the root of your hair for a personalized scalp assessment. This allows us to determine the cause of your hair loss and design a treatment plan to address your specific hair loss needs. With the right treatment plan, it is possible to stablize your thinning hair and address your scalp issues.

This method of treating hair loss down to the scalp is called trichology.  It is a science that combines best practices of cosmetology and dermatology to restore the hair cycle back to a productive state.  All Capilia specialists are trained in trichology.  We provide our clients with hair loss solutions that combine in home and salon treatments for maximum results.  Call us today at 407.644.6952 to find out how we can help restore your hair.