Buyer Beware – Not All Hair Grow Lasers Are Created Equal

Buyer Beware – Not All Hair Grow Lasers Are Created Equal

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When searching for hair loss remedies on the internet, ads abound everywhere for the latest and greatest hair grow lasers, also known as LLLT devices. At Capilia Orlando, we recommend the iGrow laser for a variety of reasons which you can read about in our previous blog, Why We Recommend the iGrow Laser. Of course, the reality is that there are many laser devices to choose from; however, please do your research when considering your options. Unfortunately, there are subpar products on the being sold and aggressively marketed. Consumers investing in an LLLT device need to be concerned about safety, quality and reliability when making a final selection on a new hair grow laser. Continue Reading →

Why We Recommend the iGrow Laser

Why We Recommend the iGrow Laser (FDA cleared) for Men and Women Experiencing Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss

Ensure Success with a Comprehensive Hair Loss Prevention Plan

Having a clean healthy scalp is an important part of the regrowth and stabilization process. While the iGrow Laser is a major component for hair regrowth, a healthy scalp is also key to having the best possible results. At Capilia Orlando, we do not use unnecessary pharmaceuticals such as Minoxidil or Rogaine. Our comprehensive plan includes natural hair care products that are designed to thoroughly clean your scalp and ensure your follicles are not clogged with residue that will inhibit hair growth. This in conjunction with the best low level laser therapy device on the market will ensure the results you desire. Continue Reading →