When It Comes to Hair Loss You Should Wash Your Hair Every Day!

When It Comes to Hair Loss You Should Wash Your Hair Every Day!

We all know that hair is important but sometimes we forget that it needs as much attention as other parts of the body do. One question that has seemed to be popping up more and more frequently is how often you actually should wash your hair. There are a number of contradicting facts and articles, but we can tell you the regardless of your hair type whether it’s natural, thick, or thin, you need to wash your hair DAILY. In our research and even our personal experiences we’ve also noted different reports based on men compared to women or African American hair compared to straight hair, and our response is don’t stop washing! You bathe daily to get all the dirt off, so why forget your hair? Actively washing your hair with the right products like our Capilia Natural Hair Line Shampoos can help fight hair loss before it even begins, simply by committing to a daily wash.

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How often you should wash your hair and why.

We can’t really say it enough! Washing your hair daily is important to clean it out of all the impurities of day such as oils and even the things that people add to their hairs. Hair gels, coconut oils and creams, though they may style and moisturize your hair, can lead to greasy build up on your scalp. This greasy buildup is VERY harmful to your hair. Without daily washing it continues to collect and will end up blocking your hair follicles. When clogged hair follicles begin to shrink and eventually become non existent which results in direct hair loss! This can take place on hair of all types and in both men and women. Not only can the chemicals you add to hair not being washed out cause hair loss, but the naturally occurring DHT happens to cause hair loss in a similar by the blockage of your pores.

Who needs to wash the most?

All hair isn’t created equally and though we all need maintain on daily wash, sometimes missing a wash here and there won’t hurt as much for some as it would others. Depending on your hair type, your daily activities, as well as what area you live in. Researchers suggest that those with thin hair, exercise frequently, or live in a humid place need to be far more strict than others when it comes to keep that head of hair shampooed. Often people with an oily scalp think that they have dandruff due to a lack of moisture when in fact it is a buildup that needs a good washing. Another common myth is that African-American men and women don’t need to wash due to the thickness of their hair which is not totally false, but with the rise of avid coconut oil use in the African-American hair community, a daily wash is detrimental especially when going natural with your hair.


Affordable hair loss solutions sadly aren’t available everywhere which often leads to those suffering from hair loss to look for options that may not be in their best interest, non FDA approved, or even worse, physically harmful. Our job as your local hair restoration center is to make sure that you as the consumer stays informed about the different treatments available, their pro’s as well as their cons. It’s important to remember that each hair loss case is different for each person, so what may work for other may not work for you, or even worse have an adverse impact and actually cause hair loss, such as the use of henna hair dye.