Hair Loss After Coloring – What We Wish We Knew About Hair Dye A Decade Ago

Hair Loss After Coloring – What We Wish We Knew About Hair Dye A Decade Ago

Every season, your fashion magazines, style blogs, and hairdressers will always update you about the looks and styles that are in season that you should try to follow. A lot of the time, these seasonal looks can include a hair dye, and as common as a hair dye is for men or women, what a lot don’t know about hair dyeing are the numerous hair dye dangers with hair loss after coloring is one of the most drastic side effects of bleaching hair or dyeing it.

hair loss after coloringMore recently more and more salons and hairdressers are switching to a natural hair dye to avoid these symptoms that the hair and beauty industry has recently become aware of since the use of natural dye can provide safe hair color change and is hair dye without side effects.

Warning Hydrogen Peroxide Can Result In Hair Loss After Coloring

When people think of hydrogen peroxide, what first comes to mind is the numerous positive uses and effects that the solutions provide us in everyday life. Most are unaware of the hidden dangers when it is used during the hair dyeing process and it’s the connection to hair loss after coloring. Whenever your hair is going from a dark color to a lighter color, one of the most important ingredients has always been the peroxide. During the hair dyeing process peroxide is used to remove and strip the hair of any color, pigment, so the new color can take its place. Though some claim blonde to be a safe hair color, this is actually one of the roughest transitions for your hair. What peroxide does to your hair is irreversible and can cause a number of issues. A frequent question asked is “can hair dye cause bald spots,” and that answer is a firm YES.

hydrogen peroxide hair lossAmmonia The Most Common Ingredient In Hair Dye Causes Hair Shedding After Coloring

Ammonia, another commonly used dye product, can cause structural damage to the hair cuticle, which helps keep the hair in place on your head. The structural damage done to the hair cuticle is one of those irreversible effects of hair dyeing and leaves the hair loose in its cuticle and quite often those hairs fall out and the customer is left with their hair shedding after coloring.

Hair weathering is the term used when discussing the long term cuticle damage from hair dyeing. People dealing with hair weathering after hair dye will early on just notice their hair not growing as quickly as it used to, but it typically begins to get worse if unchecked. Going unchecked, the patches will continue to get larger and people have been mistaken to assume that this is alopecia. If you’re wondering if you can have them reconstructing for hair to grow as it should, the answer is no. Research into the products and chemicals that you’re putting into your hair is imperative and why you should never allow anyone to touch your scalp who isn’t trained and certified to do so.

Ammonia Free Hair Dye Is The Best Way to Safely Color Your Hair

Unfortunate for those currently dealing with the ailments from hair dye mentioned earlier, there aren’t any cures for the issues, but only treatments. With the information we know now, they are dozens of different ways to safely color your hair. Most hairdressers and stylists including us here at Capilia Orlando have switched to and only promote all natural, or peroxide and ammonia free hair dye. We can give our clients the best looks of the season without the fears or worry that long term side effects will affect them. If you’re interested in coloring your hair safely using natural products, schedule your free consultation with us today!